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LEE KESSLER RETURNS!! “A Child of Arthur” is an autobiographical novel with an inspirational message. It will appeal to adult readers of all ages.

A Child of Arthur Arrives!

In 1980, depressed, disillusioned, and emotionally paralyzed by recent loss and betrayal, actress Grace Archer returns to a mountain village in Switzerland she once held dear.

During a life-threatening event on that mountain, she is rescued by Klaus Urhaber-a mysterious man who seems to know more about her than she herself knows. With him, she embarks upon a romantic, dangerous journey.

Her quest leads her to answers to questions many of us face today: What do you do when hope fades? Where do you go when you no longer believe in the future?

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"LEE KESSLER'S fourth novel, A Child of Arthur is a thought-provoking and engrossing read. Her characters are complex and imperfect, the narrative moving, and the writing deeply layered with the most profound human insights. Kessler's ability to share Grace's emotional journey takes the reader to a place of their own self-discovery and realization that leaves a deep impression which stubbornly refuses to fade."

--Eileen Batson, CEO, Midnight Whistler Publishers

"I found myself relating on levels I have never experienced with any other book. This is a testament to Lee Kessler's depth of understanding of the human soul, inextricably linked with her extraordinary storytelling ability. It is at times funny, painfully accurate, and full of solid rock truth.
Any reader of any age, gender, or circumstance in life will find this a deeply satisfying book to read.

--Sharon Warner, former NASA Public Information Specialist, and HCA Consultant

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Lee Kessler's White King Trilogy is Complete

The White King trilogy has reached its thrilling conclusion with the third and final book, White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame, available for order here. Head to the store page to get a special price on all three of Lee Kessler's riveting anti-terror novels: White King and the Doctor, White King Rising and White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame,

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Reviews of the White King Trilogy

"Lee Kessler, one of America's great story tellers, is a super-talent who has blown the lid off in the dynamic conclusion of the 'White King' series. This riveting suspense-packed epic thriller really gets the juices flowing as she takes you on an emotional journey through the most challenging international terrorist plot ever conceived. No one does it better, and I sincerely hope the entire intelligence community makes this a must-read book!"

Steve Luckey, International Counter-Terrorism Specialist and Security Consultant

"With her last book of The White King trilogy, Lee Kessler invites the reader to a magical literary smorgasbord feast: thrilling and lively characters - some become your friends and some you love to hate; a story so close to existing global conditions that one shudders realizing how little it would take for the bad guys to bring the world to its knees; dramatic description of Al Qaeda's brutal business of kidnapping women; a loving peek into Montana's unique soul; and a solution to our looming financial troubles inspired by the history and tradition of this country - so simple and beautiful that I found myself misty-eyed more than once."

Ivan Passer, Filmmaker (Stalin, Nomad, Creator, and Cutter's Way)

"The third leg of the stool... With her unique writing prowess and prescient look into the final installment of the 'game,' Lee Kessler has woven a tapestry of intrigue and suspense. She takes the reader for a ride so intense the heart threatens to stop as the world arrives at the brink of financial Armageddon - at stake, the very future of America."

Gerald R. Molen, Academy-Award Winning Producer (Schindler's List, Jurassic Park, and 2016-Obama's America)

"'White King and the Battle of America' is another great suspense novel by Lee Kessler that builds on the impact of radical Islam on the world and, in this case, the financial infrastructure of our societies. Al Qaeda penetrated deeply into America, its technology, and its media-teaching their minions the power of propaganda. Now, the end of the trilogy reveals how bankers, media moguls, and other influencers of Western power were led down a path of naivete and misguided decisions.

This is an important read for everyone-to understand the international chessboard and the 'Endgame.'"

Paul E. Vallely, MG, US Army Ret., and Chairman--Stand Up America

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At the conclusion of "White King Rising," chess champion, Andy Weir, and his computer-gaming partner, Brian Washington Carver, discovered the Trojan Horse destroying the United States from within, and created a computer game that defeated the shocking enemy plan. However, they were too late to prevent Samir Taghavi, Al Qaeda's propaganda chief, from compromising an unsuspecting American Media.

In the final story of the trilogy, retired CIA analyst, James Mikolas, risks arrest by forcing disgraced media mogul, Bud Walker, to help him uncover who had sent that Trojan Horse.

Their quest places them at the nexus of global terrorism, pharmaceutical cartels, international finance, and slave trading-leading them to the top level of the 3 dimensional chess game of "White King and the Doctor." Masterminding the coordinated attack, international banker and humanitarian, Sir Harley Grantham-Jones, has sent the United States and the world careening toward a new Dark Age.

Mikolas and Walker join forces with Andy and Brian, and a collection of unlikely heroes from the streets of Compton and the wilderness of Montana. Taking their stand in the "last best place" the race is on to pull the United States back from the abyss before the enemy makes his checkmate move.

"White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame" reveals a very plausible "history in our time." It takes you to the brink of slavery and then -with a breathtakingly simple solution-into a hopeful, possible New World.

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Synopsis of White King Rising

At the stunning conclusion of White King and the Doctor, CIA analyst James Mikolas and Andrew Weir, his young Grand-master chess champion partner, had discovered the secret identity and location of the world’s second-most-wanted terrorist—Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Believing they also knew what strategy he would use to bring down the United States from within, and WHO the true White King was, they set out to stop “the Doctor.”

Having successfully escaped, however, Zawahiri assumes another identity in a shockingly different part of the world, where he continues his “hide in plain sight” tactic, and triggers his doomsday scenario against the United States—set to launch June 30, 2011.

Author: Lee Kessler

Discredited and ostracized by the US government, Mikolas and Weir are determined to warn the unsuspecting White King and save America from complete cultural destruction. They are joined in their desperate mission by Andy’s wide receiver, Brian Washington Carver. Having climbed out of the “hood” to become a star collegiate football player and computer “gamer,” it is his personal tragedy that unlocks the mystery of HOW Zawahiri plans to destroy us, and how we can defeat him at his own game.

In a suspense novel taken from today’s, and possibly tomorrow’s, headlines, White King Rising is the story of how we win.

White King Rising Reviews

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“This is a terrific book. The veracity is undeniable, and I hope it gets broad national coverage. Our nation needs it. When you finally put White King Rising down, you sit back and know you have gained something of permanence—something of overarching significance. Lee Kessler again displays her depth of intellect and immense talent for seamlessly weaving fiction amidst real-time factual events and people in the current War on Terror. With a God’s-eye view, she delivers a chilling shiver with the absolute plausibility of this back story aimed at America’s total demise. Her insights are stunning. White King Rising should be required reading for all those in the military and intelligence communities. Anyone concerned with our nation’s security—indeed its survival—needs to read Kessler’s brilliant and revealing work.”

—“Sam” Warner, former NASA Public Affairs Officer &
Strategic Communications Consultant
Fairfax, Va.

“The long awaited follow-up to Lee Kessler’s White King and the Doctor does not disappoint in its fast-paced and thoughtprovoking journey into the highest levels of Al Qaeda’s leadership, while peeling away one layer after another of our adversaries’ true intent and ongoing strategy. The stunning prophetic accuracy of a book that was written ahead of real world events is enough to keep one awake at night wondering if anyone in a position of leadership in our United States is paying attention to the possibility that Lee Kessler is actually chess moves ahead in her thought process.

Her first two offerings read like the best of Tom Clancy, carry the suspense and intrigue of a John Grisham classic, and could easily be the script for the next season of 24. My only regret after finishing part two of this journey is that there is not a 3rd installment that I can immediately dive into.”

—Vince Rush, Owner of Rush International &
Cincinnati Sports Photography
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Wow! What a journey! The writing is brilliant. And, while I felt great relief reading the first book, this book gave me the certainty that once people read it (or see the movie), we will have conquered the two most direct threats to our survival, and without shedding even one drop of blood. White King and the Doctor and White King Rising will turn the tide most certainly, and beautifully.

White King Rising gets it on all fronts, and tells it as cleverly and enticingly as the first book. The enemy is very formidable and, with so much riding on this game, the story rises to the level of personal consequence to the reader.”

—Ariella Kapelner, Radio Talk Show Host, KCLA-FM
(2007-08) & Director of the Writers’ Group Film Corp.
Los Angeles, Ca.

“White King Rising exposes the weaknesses of the American people that our enemies perceive, but which exist only because of our strengths: trust, intense desire to do the right thing, and warrior reaction towards anyone or anything we even suspect intends to hurt us as a nation. The enemy, though, cannot know us. We are a people of intrigue and strength, well outweighing any flaws. I was on the edge of my seat throughout this book. I was shocked many times. I learned about the terrorist mind and, in the end, was revitalized in my hope that good will win out—in real life, right now. Thank you, Lee for this exciting, emotional, and eye-opening story about our neighbors—the Americans.”

—Marcy Sanders, VP Administration, Vision Practice
Management, Inc.
Clearwater, Fl.

“By brilliantly creating a vast panorama of intrigue, Lee Kessler establishes a bond with her readers from the very first pages of White King Rising. Her powerful style comes through as she pits an evil international mastermind and his many cohorts against an ingenious American trio, who have devised a fascinating “game” plan. Descriptions of the dramatic struggles between these two forces are truly vivid and often terrifying. This imaginative novel entertains, and more than that, it makes one wonder about what might be next on the global horizon of evil machinations.”

—Verna Sabelle, Editor & Publisher
New York, New York

“A very captivating book. I loved it!”

—Rich DeVos, co-founder of Amway & Chairman of the
NBA Orlando Magic

“Heroes act on courage and a strong sense of duty. They persist, they endure, and they win. Lee Kessler has done it again! Her cinematic imagination has blended breathtaking suspense with insightful drama to continue the fascinating account of the White King’s critical battle against the master terrorists who threaten our very existence. White King Rising is an eloquently written sequel to White King and the Doctor—a monumental revelation that will capture your emotions and keep you on the edge of your seat…Lee Kessler has done the free world a genuine favor!"

—Steve Luckey,
International Counter-terrorist Specialist
& Security Consultant

“The book rocks! This fast-paced, stand-alone epic has me wondering how much of it is actually fiction. It will challenge all of your senses, and, as each page reveals yet another move in the ‘game,’ it will shock, terrify and embrace your deepest fears of what tomorrow may bring.”

—Gerald R. Molen,
Academy-Award Winning Producer
(Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park)

“Lee Kessler has taken her sequel to White King and the Doctor into the battle areas of Iraq. In order for Al Qaeda’s number two man to plunge the Middle East and world further into international terrorism, the ‘jihad’ and radical Islam, he needed to complete a sophisticated plan with his designated Al Qaeda leader in Iraq, and then launch his new chess game on the door step of America….This is a terrific book and a MUST read to understand ‘the Doctor,’ and what happened in Iraq.”

—Paul E. Vallely,
MG, US Army (Ret)

“Highly enthralling on a grand scale! Lee Kessler’s almost clairvoyant take on the mindset of the United States’ deadly enemy creates an exhilarating sense of getting to know him—the most important step on the path to his annihilation.”

—Ivan Passer,
Filmmaker (Stalin, Nomad, Creator, and Cutter’s Way)


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